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Welcome to Vincent & Mike's website.  Vincent and Mike are brother and sister tabby cat kittens. Mike


Vincent's the boy, Mike's the girl.


Vincent and Mike were adopted by their person, Sandy, from the local SPCA.  Sandy thinks strays make the best pets.  Vincent and Mike agree.









How to Handle Yourself at the Vet's Office


After Vincent and Mike's first visit to their new vet's office, they have some tips to share.

  • If a dog gets too close in the waiting room, swat his nose.

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  • Try to look cute, so everyone will oooh and awww over you.

  • Look the other way when they give you shots.  It hurts less.

  • If they put liquids in your ears, nose, or mouth, shake your head vigorously and spray the stuff all over the room.  It's good for a laugh.

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  • "Stool Sample" are not words you want to hear.

  • Tuck yourself under your person's arm during the uncomfortable stuff.

  • No self respecting cat eats those treats they try to give you.

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  • Be brave.  You'll be home soon.





Sandy and the cats think that the cats at (aka LOLcats) are pretty funny.  Take a look.











Tips on Controlling Stinkiness


When Vincent and Mike arrived home from the shelter, they were very stinky kitties.  Now they smell as sweet and they act.


  • When the kitties first came home, they smelled like the shelter (imagine 12 kittens in one room sharing a couple litter boxes).  Bathing cats never seems like a smart thing to try, so the local pet store owner recommended "Fur Foam."  Fur Foam worked great.  You just put some of the foam on your hands and then rub it onto the cat's fur.  The kitties didn't mind having this done at all. You don't have to wash it off or rub it off.  It made them smell much better.  The shelter odors were gone immediately.  The label says the product is all natural and cruelty free, which is good.  It says it even works on skunk odors.

  • We like Arm & Hammer Sooper Scoop kitty litter.  It comes in an unscented variety that doesn't make the kitties smell like perfume when they use the litter box.  The baking soda in the litter does a good job of neutralizing odors.

  • Both kittens had stinky runny poop, caused by Coccidia, which is common in cats from shelters.  That was cured with a drug called Albon.  However, the Albon upset the balance of good bacteria in the kitty's intestines, giving them stinky runny poop all over again!  They passed gas a lot too.  The vet gave them FortiFlora by Purina Veterinary Diets, which re-establishes the good bacteria.  It's a flavored powder that you mix with their food.  It worked great. 

  • If a kitty has an accident, Nature's Miracle is a great way to remove the odor.  Both Vincent and Mike had accidents on their first night home, before they learned where the litter box was.  I'm glad I had a bottle of this stuff around.  Nature's Miracle - Just for Cats is a stain and odor remover for use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, etc.  It doesn't just cover up the odor, it actually eliminates it, which is important so that kitties don't continue to use that place as a bathroom.  You can find this in pet stores.

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